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One thing every Maps developer notices eventually, is that the API’s imagery doesn’t exactly match that which is on Google Maps itself.
Check out the two maps of uptown Waterloo, below. The image on the left is a shot of the API, while the one on the right is from Google Maps. Not only is the […]

Another chance to win!

AJAX Magazine and PHP Magazine are offering two copies of our book in a mini contest. If you didn’t win during our giveaway maybe you can run over and try to win there. The contest closes tomorrow (Sunday September 17th, 2006) so don’t delay.

Good Luck!

A Better Loading Message

In Chapter 6 of the book, we showed you one way of creating a loading message for your users. The method demonstrated followed this basic pattern:

Serve the user an HTML page with the loading message in it,
Have an onLoad event call the Maps API’s initialization, and add all the markers to the map, and then
Remove […]

Review on All About Linux

Ravi Kumar over at All About Linux has written a review of our book and gives it a rating of “very good”. You can read the whole review for yourself, but here are a few quotes to whet your appetite.
What I really like about this book is instead of jumping into a theoretical discourse, the […]

Shapefile Tiles with PHP and GD

Last week, I demonstrated some tools for importing Shapefile data into an SQL database. It’s time to put that stuff to work.
If you’re in a rush, here’s the final demo: translucent state overlays on a Google Map. It’s not the quickest thing in the world, nor is it entirely quirk-free; it exists as an initial […]