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To those of you who have emailed us about the source code for the Rails edition — thanks for your patience, it’s coming soon! I decided to present it as a one compressed file you can unpack over an existing Rails application skeleton. Stay tuned, the code is coming later today or tomorrow at the […]

Andre Lewis has been hard at work writing our new sister book Beginning Google Maps with RAILS and Ajax. It’s due back from the printers in about a week, so on the eve of its release he has also released GeoKit for Rails along with Bill Eisenhauer. Bill also has a few examples on his […]

Update: Once you’re through with this article, there’s a followup that shows how to also make them clickable.
Many people find the object-oriented aspect of JavaScript to be very confusing. Fortunately, the designers of the Google Maps API have managed to make it extremely accessible—if all you ever did was instantiate their classes and then build […]

UPDATE: A savvy reader Carl Olsen pointed out that it wasn’t actually necessary to check for the infoWindow state and the problem could simply be fixed by a check for an overlay. The post has been updated accordingly. Thanks Carl.

It seems that somewhere along the line something changed with the event handling and the Chapter […]

Beginning Google Maps with What?

Over the past two months—since Beginning Google Maps Applications hit shelves—we’ve had a handful of basic questions about PHP, CSS and SQL. I just want to clear up a few misconceptions that people may have about the content of our book so that everyone can get the most out of reading it.